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Dear Friends

Thirty years ago we drew our first breath. Now, at over 100 songs a year, with a conservative 33 phrases in each, we’ve amassed about 100,000 gulps of air per singer. But the music that’s been carried on the out-breath has kept us going!

We’d also like to think that those three decades of breathing in have kept us ‘inspired’ – that word in Latin denotes both filling your lungs and the creative impulse that can follow. What’s more, the Greek for inspiration gives us our word ‘enthusiasm’, and we hope that this year’s Quantum of Solace and Messiah have shown that we’ve still got a little of both qualities.

Still, to emphasise the point, we’ve decided in our upcoming concert to feature some of the choral works that have sparked such feelings in our audience or the choir members or the conductor. These, with the help of a pianist and a string quartet, we’ll weave into a programme that might, with luck, tell us something about inspiration itself. We’re calling it, with breathtaking inventiveness,

To this end we’ve chosen, or had suggested to us, wonderful music from the likes of Monteverdi, Palestrina, Janequin, Britten, Fauré, Barber, Pearsall, Rheinberger and Lauridsen, as well as one or two lighter numbers. We’re also premièring a work by distinguished composer and long-time VV colleague David Hamilton, who this December becomes twice the choir’s age.

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted a change of concert date and time from those originally advertised in our subscription brochure and elsewhere, a move inspired by forces beyond our control. Subscription holders, you should have been notified already (with a special offer), but if you haven’t please contact Rowena on 0800 VIVA VOCE (0800 84828623).

Subscription Series

01. A Quantum of Solace

The Romans called it ‘locus amoenus’, a beautiful place of retreat where they could go – physically or in the mind – to find a measure of calm and solace from the stresses of city, society and expectation. Ever since, writers and composers have sought in their work an escape from the rat-race and the tyranny of mortality and time ... evoking images of trees, water, flowers and shade, as well as the spiritual gardens of Eden and Elysium. In this varied, light-hearted concert, the likes of Wilbye, Purcell, Saint-Saëns, Elgar, Delius, Barber, Hamilton and Ritchie will take us to their – and hopefully your – happy place.

Sunday 29 March, 5pm | Concert Chamber | Auckland Town Hall

03. Inspired!

While we like to think there has been a quantum of inspiration behind all our concerts, this one – celebrating our 30th Anniversary – looks at the very idea of what it is to be inspired, and inspiring. To do this, we’ll be asking each member of the choir and many of our audience (in advance of course) to pick a particular choral work that has, yes, inspired them ... and tell us why. From this we’ll choose a concert comprising many of the pearls of choral music ... alongside a new work by a prominent NZ composer who turns 60 this year. Birthday surprises all round!

Wednesday 14 October, 7pm | Concert Chamber | Auckland Town Hall

02. Messiah

At last, our première performance of the best-known choral work of all time, Handel’s magnificent oratorio Messiah! Dealing with Christ’s birth, death and resurrection and the subsequent promise of salvation for all, it is a work belonging not specifically to Christmas or Easter but the whole year. It tells no ‘story’ as such, but is intensely dramatic (Handel being the greatest opera composer of his day), and so we will present a – rare – ‘semi-staged’ Messiah with the help of director Jacqueline Coats, a team of fine soloists and a Baroque-styled orchestra ... while letting ourselves loose on all those sparkling choruses. Unmissable!

Sunday 9 August, 5pm | Great Hall | Auckland Town Hall

04. A Taste of Christmas Past

Think tea at the Dorchester, “Deck the Halls” and a dash of Dickens (sans ghosts). In another VV first, we move the latest of our popular ‘dinner entertainments’ into the subscription series and bring you a Victorian Christmas High Tea, complete with costumes, fine china, delectable food and traditional ‘candlelit’ carols – all for the price of a regular concert. Even if you’re just there for the seasonal singing, we’ll serve you refreshments as you listen; if it’s the tea, cakes, and atmosphere you’re after ... we promise not to be scrooges!

Saturday 5 December, 2pm & 5.30pm | Sunday 6 December, 5.30pm | St Mark’s Hall | Cnr Remuera/St Mark’s Rds


• Note that the Viva Voce 2015 Subscription Series consists of FOUR events.
• You can subscribe for your choice of one, two, three or (our highly recommended option!) all four.
• Each event booked attracts a successively higher discount. Subscribing makes very good sense!

Subscription discounts then apply as follows:

BOOK TWO EVENTS and deduct $5 per ticket
BOOK THREE EVENTS and deduct $7 per ticket
BOOK ALL FOUR EVENTS and deduct $10 per ticket

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Pay your age!

This year, all concert-goers up to the age of 30 may
‘pay their age’; in other words, if you are 19, the price
of a single ticket is $19.

Note that tickets for primary and secondary school
students are always $10, regardless of age.

Viva Voce: Not your usual choir

VIVA VOCE is a 30-voice chamber choir that has established a reputation for injecting vitality and fresh ideas into the New Zealand choral scene. Since its inception in 1985, the choir has given over 350 performances and premièred many new compositions.

Specialising in the innovative programming and attractive presentation of a huge variety of music, Viva Voce strives equally for excellence and entertainment. Its members are trained singers and several have won success in this country’s top vocal competitions.

Click here for more about the choir's history


John Rosser, the choir’s Musical Director, founded Viva Voce in 1985. He regularly guest conducts several other choirs and orchestras and is associate conductor and chorus Master for The NBR New Zealand opera. Much in demand through australasia for workshops, adjudication and large choral events, he is immediate past chair of the New Zealand Choral Federation and Artistic Director of Sing Aotearoa.

He regularly guest conducts several other choirs and orchestras and is associate conductor and chorus Master for The NBR New Zealand opera. Much in demand through australasia for workshops, adjudication and large choral events, hHe regularly guest conducts several other choirs and orchestras and is associate conductor and chorus Master for The NBR New Zealand opera. Much in demand through australasia for workshops, adjudication and large choral evente is immediate past chair of the New Zealand Choral Federation and Artistic Director of Sing Aotearoa.



Viva Voce should be considered one of Auckland’s finest choirs.




Hire us!

We would love to come and sing at your wedding or your special event.

Viva Voce has sung at many weddings - from simple ceremonies to those of high profile celebrities. We also do corporate events and conferences - so if you need something a little different to give your event a bit of zing please get in touch.


Viva Voce has a wide ranging repertoire to suit many wedding styles and settings. We sing both traditional church music and a range of a cappella madrigals and part songs.

Listen to us here:


Viva Voce has a wide ranging repertoire to suit many wedding styles and settings. We sing both traditional church music and a range of a cappella madrigals and part songs.

Check us out:









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Silver List, Silver Trust, Sponsorship

The Silver Trust - Click here to find out more!
Throughout our 27 years, we’ve been reluctant fundraisers. For the first decade or so we didn’t even apply for grants, thinking it should be possible to live off concert income. Thus we’ve never before solicited donations or had a fee-paying friends’ group. However, while our audiences have grown massively, discerning concertgoers now expect attractive publicity, comfortable central venues and of course professional-quality music – understandable, but expensive. And income from ticket sales alone falls well short.

During our 25th anniversary year (2010) we decided we'd quite like to survive for another 25 years – at least! More than that, we want to thrive, so we can afford to mount innovative cappella and orchestral concerts, pay for the best venues and soloists, and keep what we do fresh, alive and sustainable. To do that, we need a secure financial base.

Therefore in May 2010 we launched a one-time drive to raise a capital sum that will help fund the choir over the next two-and-a-half decades, and beyond. Money raised so far has been vested in a trust – newly established and with charitable status – called, appropriately, the VV Silver Trust, whose sole purpose is to assist the choir each year in funding its busy programme.

As of January 2012, 86 people were on the Silver List. We are extremely grateful for their generosity and have told them so. Moreover we are still accepting contributions and would ask that, if you’ve enjoyed our work over the years and want to enjoy more of it, or if you’re just keen to encourage lively and accessible concert-giving, you might consider making a one-off donation to the Trust.

Contributions of any amount are warmly welcomed, and acknowledged by letter and with receipt. The Trust has charitable status and donations are therefore eligible for a tax credit of 33 cents in the dollar. You can phone us on 0800 VIVA VOCE (8482 8623) or email us on info@vivavoce.org.nz.

The Silver List will be updated regularly here on the website and published in its latest form in the first programme of Viva Voce’s 2012 Subscription Series.

As we say, we haven’t asked before, and the next time might be during our golden anniversary year!

The Silver List - click to collapse.

We are extremely grateful to the following for their generous support of, and contributions to, the Silver Trust.  

Silver Dollar

$9,130 and above

  • Margaret Heaney

Solid Silver

$5,000 and above

  • Trevor & Jan Farmer
  • 1 anonymous

Sterling Silver

$2,500 and above

  • Penelope Watson
  • Deirdre Parr & Simon Carryer
  • Morag McDowell & Jeremy Skipworth
  • John Rosser & Jude Froude
  • Cathryn Wyllie
  • Melanie Bourke
  • Margot Griffiths
  • Alex & Robbie Urquhart

Silver Service

$1,500 and above

  • Jock Hosking & family
  • Jocelyn & Ashley Taylor
  • Allan & Bernardine Vester


Silver Band

$1,000 and above

  • Sandra Turner
  • Ron Paterson
  • Fran & Mike Hill
  • Estate of Greg Hall

  • S R Tietjens
  • Dame Jenny Gibbs
  • Pamela & Murray Guy
  • Chanelle & Dean Farmer
  • Beverley McConnell
  • The Share Group
  • Paul & Anne Marie McGlashan (Classic Sound)
  • Carole McIntosh
  • Margaret Cullen
  • Thérèse Kelly
  • Arie Hoeflak


Silver Lining

$750 and above

  • Suzanne Bourke (Sailing Away School of Sailing)
  • Gill & John Harman
  • Pat & Heather Moore
  • Stephen Park & Ross Bernay
  • 1 anonymous


Silver Square

$625 and above

  • 2 anonymous

Silver Cord

$500 and above

  • Maureen Callander
  • Elsie McDowell
  • Ivan & Anne Blythe
  • Joyce K Dey
  • Margaret Robertson
  • Paul Rosser & Heather Worley
  • Mervyn & Dorothy Rosser
  • Amanda Vernon
  • 1 anonymous

Silver Thread

$250 and above

  • Rosemary & John Saunders
  • Barry & Margaret Graham
  • Pamela & John Bell
  • Rob Cox
  • Katie Coppolino
  • Chris Stark & Vickie Bowers
  • Margery Charlton
  • Dorothy Hopkins
  • Tui Parr
  • Kathryn Osborne
  • Donald Trott
  • Paul & Anne Handley
  • Siobhán Mattison
  • 3 anonymous


Other Donors

  • Barbara Connell
  • Judith Shelley
  • S J Menzies
  • Norm & Maughan Davison
  • Maisey Moncrieff
  • Anita Banbury
  • Alison Dakin
  • Roseanne Webb
  • Stephen Bowness
  • Jo Wordley
  • Felicity Mayne
  • Helen Jackson
  • Hilary van Lent
  • Paul Hogg
  • Hamish Nuttall
  • Amelia Giles
  • Alyson Keller
  • Shona McIntyre-Bull
  • Rachel Young
  • 7 anonymous
Want to sponsor us? Click here!
Our sponsors make an immensely valuable contribution towards the substantial running costs of the choir.

For a set sponsorship of $540 incl GST we send you two full price tickets to each of the four concerts in this 2014 series and include your logo, or company name, or other agreed form of acknowledgement, in each of our concert programmes for the year and on our website. Naturally, you also receive all other subscription benefits.

If you would like to sponsor the choir for 2014 please contact us. We will then get in touch to discuss what form the acknowledgement should take.

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